Here at Nighthawk Enterprises we can provide a vast array of back office
solutions for a variety of businesses. Our connections in the corporate and
finance sectors means we will be able to find the right solution for your
business through an introduction, allowing you to improve the overall quality,
efficiency and cost structure of your operations.

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What we do

Payment Processing Introductions
Corporate Banking Introductions
Management Consultancy
Treasury Management
Data Management
Technical Helpdesk
Fraud Detection Packages
Client Services
Website Development Introduction
Service Provider Introductions

Payment Processing & Corporate Banking Introductions

We have a network of reputable connections in the payment processing sector
that we work closely with on behalf of our clients. Depending on your
company’s individual payment processing needs, we will be able to use our
contacts to find the right payment processing service provider for your

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E-Commerce Service Provider Introductions

Implementing E-Commerce software into your company means you will be able to sell your products online, reach new clients, establish a strong brand and build a close relationship with your clients and customers by providing a streamlined purchasing experience.
We work closely with a network of professional E-Commerce consultants and providers who will be able to support all of your E-Commerce operations, from implementation to on-going support. We will introduce you to the right E-Commerce service provider for your company. Our contacts are experts in E-Commerce consulting, implementation, systems integration, design, hosting, training and support services.

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Each company we partner with builds with us a
bespoke package of requirements that fits their
needs at the commencement of the relationship.

However, we won’t lock you in, if your requirements change or we have new skills to offer
we will talk and morph the relationship so it grows with your company and its needs.

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